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Easy Age Verify standard plugin
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You are viewing vape age restriction in action using free standard plugin features.

Easy Age Verify is a simple solution to age gate WordPress vape shop sites. The Standard plugin has everything you need to verify visitors of legal smoking age. The Premium plugin is translation ready to any age with design and branding options.

This plugin is developed and supported by 5 Star Plugins in California.

Get Started

The best option is our 14-day trial to start designing with Premium features. Click the “start free trial” button to download the Premium plugin.

If you decide not to upgrade it switches to the free plugin at the end of the trial.

Premium Benefits
  • Brand It

    Your logo and colors

  • Remember Me

    Return visitor checkbox

  • Hide Content 100%

    Adjust color and opacity

Start marketing after Age Verify closes.

Pretty Simple Popup Premium plugin is the first Age Verify compatible marketing popup. Try our new popup builder plugin for free.

10 Second Countdown

Perfectly time a marketing popup after after age verification.

This plugin works with Age Verify